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"Aiming forward and towards global recognition, competitiveness and acceptance on the basis of sustained quality management and methodology in the ship manning industry. For after all, our mission is to focus on the core competencies of our men to meet and match the needs of our benefactor at the highest level of quality expectations."

Allow us to introduce to you our company, FIL-SMS CORPORATION, a private manning agency duly recognized by and accredited with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and operating under License No. OS-347 SB-122297-NL.


    FIL-SMS was incorporated under Philippine Laws with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Filipino-Korean Joint Venture on November 7, 1997 and obtained full accreditation with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on December 15, 1997.

    As a duly licensed Manning Agency, initial operations commenced on December 24, 1997, and as of the year-end 2003 has deployed close to 1000 ocean-going seafarers of various ranks serving a diverse fleet of vessels such as LPG Carriers and Specialized Chemical Tankers, doing cross border trading between Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China and the Philippines in the Far East and have grown steadily since then with the addition of Bulk Carriers and Panamax vessels various sizes plying in worldwide trading areas.

    FIL-SMS has clear and consistent strategies with main emphasis on quality services and cost-effective management.

    Our quality service and performance were proven with our recent accreditation of ISO-9002 by BVQI on December 10, 1999.


    Everytime we deploy a crew on a ship, we place our reputation in their hands for we believe that they are an extension of our image. Servicing our principals with our seafarers, we have to ensure only the best. Always.


    FIL-SMS strength lies in the organization composed of professionals and ex-officers whose early exposure in the shipping industry dates way back in 1969 having engaged in chartering, marine hull and machinery insurance, and PNI matters. Simultaneous with this exposure and operation, our key officers are proud to have been one of the pioneers in the manning business for foreign flag vessels. This conglomeration of experience and continuing search for global business provides a management perspective which is of international quality and recognition.

    FIL-SMS management believes that in every organization or in any undertaking, the most important element governing its success or failure rests upon the men and individuals from the lowest level to the highest. The quality of their individual and/or collective decisions, the technical proficiency in their respective areas of responsibilities, and their attitudes towards their work spell the “critical edge” in a very competitive manner.


    We at FIL-SMS, play a very high value on the continuous training program of our officers and seafarers not only to enhance their technical proficiency, but also to ingrain upon them positive values and attitudes that govern their performance. Presently, we expect to see the fruits and advantages of adopting a career-pathing program for our men.
    Examples of some of the FIL-SMS In-House Training courses for seafarers:

  • LPG/Chemical Tanker Familiarization Course
  • ISM/ISO Code & Regulations
  • MARPOL 73/78
  • OCIMF Guidelines
  • Owners Instructions
  • Charterer’s Instructions
  • Video Tapes on cargo operations and vessels maintenance.
  • Safety Management System introductory course.
  • Code of Conduct
  • Work Attitude
  • Values Formation

  • Hence, our formula for success rests upon the quality of our recruitment program, training and human resource development, benefit package, and most importantly, our personal touch.


    We wish to advise you that we have a wholly-owned subsidiary, SEA EXPRESS LINES, INC., duly accredited with the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) with three (3) slots available for three (3) vessels that may be registered Under Temporary Phil. Registry on a Bare-boat in/ Time Charter-out arrangements

    Should you find the need for more information and details regarding above-mentioned proposals, please do not hesitate to call on the undersigned.

    Very truly yours,


    JAIME B. PABALAN, currently President and Chief Executive Officer, graduated under the tutelage of Christian brothers at the De La Salle College with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce in 1967 and obtained his candidacy for a Master Degree in Business Administration at the De la Salle Graduate School of Business in 1968.

    His early exposure in the shipping industry dates way back in 1969 when he was employed as General Manager of two (2) family owned medium-sized shipping entities which owned and operated log carriers trading Far-East areas. Simultaneous with this exposure and operation, Mr. Jaime B. Pabalan engaged in an almost semi-pioneer basis in the manning of Japanese-Flag vessels with Filipino officers and crew, except the radio operators, doing the Far-East route areas.

    In said position, he was exposed widely to shipping operations and ship husbanding agency activities as well as insurance exposures in Hull and Machinery Coverage and claims as well as protection and indemnity matters. He also handled the charter operations of seven (7) owned log carriers and the full manning of twenty (20) other ships of various sizes on both Far-East and worldwide trading areas.

    His broad experience in ship crewing, husbanding, marine hull and machinery insurance policy management, PNI matters as well as chartering activities has in the past enabled him to join a group in setting up shipping entities in Hongkong under the flagship of Oasis Maritime Ltd., the Carrian Shipping Group and Grand Marine Holdings. These activities included arrangements for ship financing secured by Naval mortgages and cargo guarantees with banks such as Banque Nacionale de Paris, Chemical Bank and Greyhound Leasing and Financial Corporation of Phoenix, Arizona.

    Prior to his career in the shipping industry, as a management and financial consultant, Mr. Jaime B. Pabalan worked with MIDA (Management Investment Development Associates), where he and his associates were able to establish three (3) garment factories which produced outer-wear garment lines for export to Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam and London under the brand names of C N A of Amsterdam and Marks and Spencer of UK. His stint as financial consultant and intermediary has helped in the successful financial rehabilitation of a major sugar mill in Southern Philippines and likewise the financial restructuring of a major semi-conductor assembly plant located at the outskirts of the City of Manila. 0ne major business achievement is the spearheading in the establishment of a very successful and today the most modern intravenous (Dextros – parentheral solutions) manufacturing plant utilizing the latest state –of -art equipment and technology from Germany, Switzerland and Austria under the corporate name EUROMED LABORATORIES INC. which today is the largest manufacturer and supplier of intravenous solution in the Philippines’ domestic medical market and maintains it’s position as the lead exporter to the Asean countries including Vietnam.

    Worth mentioning is Mr. Pabalan’s three-semester (1-1/2 years) engagement as senior lecturer in the Masteral Degree in Shipping Business Management program of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) handling subjects in ship management, ship financing and courses in the preparation and evaluation of project feasibility studies.

    Presently he is the President and Chief Executive Officer of FIL-SMS CORPORATION and SEA EXPRESS LINES INC. (SEL).