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Age Lobster
Provides the freshest lobsters and seafood from Nova Scotia.

Beothic Fish Processors
Processes groundfish, shellfish and pelagic species into a variety of product forms.

Bida Enterprise
Live oyster, Manila clams, scallop, Alaskan sockeye salmon heads, arrowtooth flounder, Dover sole, English sole and various rockfish species.

Breakers Fish Company
Fresh and frozen products from around the globe.

Canadian Fish Guys
Freshwater fish and fish products: Walleye, lake whitefish, yellow perch, lake herring, northern pike, sauger, drum, mullet.

Canadian Seafood Link
Exports wild caught live adult eels, American eel, frozen products including herring flaps, mackerel (whole round), capelin (whole round) and more.

Cascumpec Bay Oyster

Coastal Bay Seafoods
Fresh / frozen seafood, cols smoked fish, caviar

Live, fresh, and frozen seafood.

Cooke Seafood
Vertically-integrated aquaculture corporation with salmon farming operations in Atlantic Canada, the U.S. (Maine and Washington), Chile and Scotland, as well as seabass and seabream farming operations in Spain.

CTLE Seafood
Frozen seafood supplier

Fisherman's Market International
Wholesaler, retailer, and worldwide exporter of fresh, frozen, smoked and salted seafood, and live or frozen Atlantic lobster.

Gold River Seafood
Wild caught seafood.

High Liner Foods
Processor and marketeer of value-added frozen seafood.

High Tide Fisheries
Fresh / frozen seafood

Inter-Canada Fisheries
Importing, exporting, distributing seafood.

Krill Canada
North America's largest supplier of krill products.

Lions Gate Fisheries
Wholesale fish and seafood from Delta and Tofino.

World's largest supplier of farmed-raised salmon.

Mariner Seafoods International
Operates a freezer processor vessel. Products: Pacific hake and arrowtooth flounder.

North Delta Seafoods
Harvesting and processing albacore tuna, black cod (sablefish), spot prawn, Pacific salmon, pacific herring, Pacific hake, salmon roe (caviar), cold water shrimp, flat fish, Pacific red sea urchin, sea cucumber.

Partner Seafood
Groundfish, pelagics, lobster, snow crab, scallops and other special items.

Pearlmark Foods
Atlantic cod - haddock, scallops, wild Argentinian shrimp, Haiti lobster tails, tuna, Scampi, turbot, halibut, Atlantic lobster, Atlantic perch, northern shrimp

Providence Seafoods
Live and frozen seafood.

Rio Import and Export
Seafood trading company procuring and marketing frozen seafood products.

Robin Universal
International trade of frozen fish and seafood.

Smokey Bay
Seafood trading and logistics for domestic and export markets.