Afentoulis Processing and marketing of catches fished by own private boats.
Alieia Fish breeding facilities for sea bass, sea beam, sea bream and meagre.
Andromeda Group Delivers fish to the main European markets within 48 hours from harvesting.
Blue Farm Fish farming of sea beam and sea bass.
Corfu Sea Farm Sea bass and sea bream breeding.
Erissos Fish Farm Production of sea bream and sea bass. Production site is located in Kefalonia.
Forkys Breed fish in the Aegean Sea and export all over Europe and the world. Facilities located on the eastern side of the island of Chios.
Fresko Trout farming
Galaxidi Marine Farm Production of sea bream, sea bass, red porgy, pandora and sharp - snout sea bream.
Kallimanis Wide range of fishery products
Kalloni Wide range of fishery products
Kefalonia Production of sea bream and sea bass.
Laskara Fish farming of sea bassand sea bream.
Mante Fish farming
Mytikas Full range of fish products. Production facilities comprised of hatcheries, pre-fattening, fattening and packing.
Nireus Production and trading of Mediterranean aquaculture species.
Perseus Producer of feed for the farming industry.
Pescanova Hellas Vertical integration from fish and seafood sourcing to commercialization.
Philosofish Acquires new production units and positioning itself as a leading global supplier of high-quality Mediterranean bass and bream.
Proteus Wide variety of ready and tailor-made products.
Selonda Producers and suppliers of sea bream, sea bass, pagrus and other species.
SAO Fish farming of Mediterranean species.
Simonis Farming, processing and distribution of eels and other fishes.
Super Fish Industrial processing, deep freezing and packaging of fishery products.
Vonitsa Fish Farming Fish farming
Zervas - Kyriazis Fish farming
Vialco Wide range of canned products