Fish Industry Directory   >   Norway

Andreas Bjørge Seafood
High quality dried salted fish as well as frozen desalted cod and related products.

Arctic Group Maritime
Seafood exporting and trading company for unprosessed and semi-processed fish.

Athena Seafoods
Herring, pelagic fish, white fish, salmon & trout.

Austevoll Seafood
Globally integrated pelagic fishery and seafood specialist.

Brødrene Sperre
Supplier of frozen pelagic fish and sea frozen white fish, as well as salted and dried fish.

Cape Fish
Finished products for markets all around the world.

Clipper Seafood
Wide range of seafood products. Salmon, caviar, shrimps & crab sticks.

Salmon and trout produced along the Norwegian coastline.

Involved in the entire value chain from catching and fish farming to production and sales of value added products.

Drevik International
Specializes in trading seafood raw-materials to the industry

Produces klipfish

Trading dried fish

Harald Mowinckel
Wide range of salmon and frozen fish products

Operates 10 trawlers, which include freezer trawlers and fresh fish trawlers with freezer capacity.

Ice Fish
Supplier of cod, haddock, saithe, redfish, monkfish, tusk, ling, plaice, black halibut, white halibut, salmon, trout, kingcrab, cod-roe and cod-liver. Fresh, frozen, salted, dried, HG, fillets, loins, stockfish.

King Oscar
Canned seafood. Brisling sardines, skinless & boneless sardines, mackerel, kipper snacks, and anchovies.

Leo Fish
Supply of salmon and trout

Frozen crabs and salted & dry cod.

More Codfish
Leading producer and exporter of salted and dried fish from Norway.

Production of nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood. Fulfills one fifth of global demand for farm-raised Atlantic salmon.

Products based on whitefish such as cod, haddock and saithe, as well as Greenland halibut and redfish, and numerous other whitefish species with more modest volumes. Fresh fish, salted fish, clipfish and stockfish.

Nils Sperre
Leading producers and suppliers of pelagic fish, sea-frozen fish, dried salted-and wet salted fish.

Nor Seafoods
Provide a broad variety of first class fish. Main products are atlantic cod, haddock, saithe, greenland halibut, redfish and salmon.

Aquaculture production of salmon and rainbow trout.

Offers high quality seafood. Fresh, salted, frozen or fillets.

Sales of frozen at sea white fish.

Norsk Havfisk
Reciever of fish from the wessels, exporter of most categories of fresh and frozen seafood.

Nova Sea
Producers of atlantic farmed salmon.

Ocean Supreme
Seafood company specialized in serving customers in Asia with fresh airborne “sashimi-quality” salmon 52 weeks/year.

Ole Lovold
Seafood production and sale.

Leading producer of pelagic fish products.

Polar Quality
Fresh quality seafood, straight from the polar seas.

Operator of freezer trawlers.

Prima Nor
Sourcing salmon products from farmers and producers in Norway and Chile.

Fresh / frozen salmon and trout

Offshore fish farming. One of the world’s largest and most efficient producers of farmed salmon.

Saga Seafood
Provider of Atlantic salmon.

Salmon and trout with production to customer requirements: fresh, frozen, head-off, fillets, airfreight etc.

Harvests over seven different species of fish.

Offers salmon and trout from independent farmers.

World leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds.

Troll Salmon
Leading processing company for salmon and trout.

Producer of fresh and frozen salmon and trout fillets.

Volda Fiskemat
Fish food manufacturer.

Processing and export of pelagic fish, whitefish, salmon and trout.

Management company, which operates fisheries related companies.