Jalan Teluk Betung I/No.25 - Surabaya 60165
East Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62-31-328 5250.
Facsimile : +62-31-328 1700.

( General Supplier, Ship's Chandler, & Bunker's Supplier )

We are Company are established specializing for supplying for vessel enquiries to consider of highly quality, competitive prices to minimize your spend cost for yr vessel operating on your good company.

Our Company serve for :

  • Provisions

  • Deck & Engine Stores

  • Bonded Stores, Laundry, Marine Chemicals

  • Workshop repairs, Rewinding Electric Motors

  • Lubricating oils (Product Mobile, Castrol, United Oils)

  • Bunkers ( IFO 180 cst, MDO,

  • Underwater Survey, Repairs

  • Refilling Acetylene & Gases

  • Life Raft, Life Boats Servicing

  • Our Company is owned and operated by qualified marine engineers having many years experience as ship's engineers. We concerned to provide yr ship's requirement orders as per yr instructions without delay in good orders.

    We would be appreciated hoping to you can give us an opportunity to serve your good vessel's requirement orders.

    We would be appreciated very much to hearing from you in the near future.

    Our full styles and mailing address :

    Jalan Teluk Betung I/No.25 - Surabaya 60177
    East Java - Indonesia.
    Phone : +62-31-328 5250.
    Facsimile : +62-31-328 1700.
    E-mail Address :
    Website/http :
    P.I.C : Mr. Bambang Suyono / Director.
    Please feel free to contact us through the above numbers.

    Best Wishes/Mr. Bambang Suyono.