China Classification Society and marine industry launched "Sustainable Shipping Innovation and Development Initiative"

4 November 2022

On the 3rd of Nov 2022 in Beijing, China Classification Society (CCS) launched the "Sustainable Shipping Innovation & Development Initiative" (SSIDI) with China Petrochemical Corporation, China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, China Merchants Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. and ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yi Jiyong - Deputy director of the Water Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Li Guanyu - Deputy director of the International Cooperation Department, Mr. Du Guoguang- the secondary inspector of the Maritime Safety Administration of the Ministry of Transport and other leaders attended the initiative. Other representatives of SSIDI units participated the meeting simultaneously online and offline.

With the accelerated policy making and development to reduce shipping emission from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), European Union, global and regional, it has become an industry consensus to promote the application of alternative fuels in shipping. This will promote significant changes in the international shipping industry and have a profound impact on the upstream and downstream industries of shipping.

However, the application of alternative fuels in shipping involves many uncertain factors such as fuel supply, ship financing, technology development, and standard formulation, which are far beyond the scope of traditional shipping and require joint exploration by all parties in the entire industry chain.

For this reason, CCS has launched the SSIDI with all interested parties in energy, shipping, finance and other industrial chains. Base on this initiative, a cooperative research platform is built. It will focus on the economy, safety, technology maturity, policies and regulations, fuel availability, market mechanism and other aspects of the application of alternative fuels in the shipping field, conduct extensive and in-depth research to sustainable shipping innovation and development.

SSIDI will adhere to the principle of "Independent Contribution, Joint Research, Complementary Advantages and Achievement Sharing", research on green and low-Carbon development path; promote the safe applications and efficient supply of clean energy in shipping; promote the interconnection between upstream and downstream of shipping and related industries; build a sustainable shipping innovation and development industry chain; strengthen members' strategic cooperation on climate changes; commit to achieving sustainable development in dimensions such as social, economic and environmental in a balanced and integrate manner to conduct research and collaboration.

Image by China Classification Society

Image by China Classification Society

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