CHI (Zhoushan) delivered another 154,000 DWT shuttle tanker


On June 20, the 154,000 DWT shuttle tanker 'DAQING KNUTSEN', built by CHI (Zhoushan) for KNOT Norway, was successfully signed and delivered.

KNOT and CHI (Zhoushan) have joined hands in the construction of 6 shuttle tankers, 'DAQING KNUTSEN' is the 5th vessel delivered by CHI (Zhoushan), and the contract for the construction of the 6th shuttle tanker was officially signed on June 16 this year.

During the construction period of DAQING KNUTSEN, the project team overcame the impact of corona virus, organized production scientifically and prepared the sailing test plan. In the end, the delivery date was made eight days ahead of the contract.

Image by China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited.

China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, press release