The new floating natural gas storage unit of DESFA in Revithoussa receives its first LNG cargo by MYTILINEOS

07 Nov 2022             Press release in Greek

The start of the operation of the floating natural gas storage unit (FSU) installed by DESFA in Revithoussa is marked by the unloading of the first LNG cargo by MYTILINEOS.

The transshipment of the over 140,000 m3 LNG cargo at the FSU "GASLOG ATHENS" that DESFA has leased by GASLOG is being completed within the next days with a Ship-to-Ship (STS) unloading process from the vessel ARCTIC PRINCESS, which arrived in the gulf of Megara for this purpose. This is the first time that the specific procedure is being carried out in Greek territorial waters, while the specific cargo is intended to cover part of the strategic reserve that must be kept by power generation units that are not able operate with an alternative fuel. This obligation concerns the period from 1 November 2022 to 31 March 2023, according to the provisions of the Preventive Action Plan approved by the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE).

The addition of the new floating tank was implemented in a record time following close cooperation between DESFA and the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, as well as RAE, with the aim of strengthening the energy security of the country in view of the winter and in light of international developments. The operation of the FSU, moored 700 meters from the terminal, increases the storage capacity of the LNG Terminal of Revithoussa from 225,000 m3 to approx. 370,000 m3 LNG in total, an increase of around 70%.

In addition, it offers the LNG facility extended flexibility in terms of receiving and unloading LNG cargoes, since it is now possible to simultaneously unload two LNG carriers (at the Revithoussa jetty and the floating unit), thus optimizing the country's LNG supply chain and ensuring the required reserves for the smooth supply of the market during the coming winter.

The CEO of DESFA, Maria Rita Galli, stated: "In this particularly critical period, DESFA has been at the forefront of developments, moving quickly and efficiently, with the implementation of a series of investments to strengthen its infrastructure and the further diversification of the country's sources of supply. The start of the FSU’s operation in Revithoussa with the unloading of the first cargo by MYTILINEOS is a very important milestone that comes as a result of an exemplary cooperation, under pressure, with the relevant market players whom we would like to thank. We are satisfied that through our high technical expertise and our network, we are contributing significantly with yet another infrastructure to ensuring the country's security of natural gas supply for the coming winter, while, at the same time, we are further strengthening the strategic role that the LNG Terminal of Revithoussa plays in the wider region of Southeast Europe".

Image by DESFA

Image by DESFA

Image by DESFA

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