Posidonia 2024 - Statement of the President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Ms Melina Travlos

Piraeus, 22.5.2024

On the occasion of Posidonia 2024, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all exhibitors and visitors in Greece, the cradle of maritime civilization.

Shipping connects people, economies and cultures. Posidonia embraces the same spirit. It effectively serves as a platform for the shipping industry and the wider maritime cluster to exchange views, provide business opportunities, showcase innovations, and generate solutions to current challenges.

Nowadays, volatility is a universal challenge. In this ever-changing and unpredictable international environment, shipping continues to offer its invaluable services reliably. Shipping is the backbone of the global economy, supporting the welfare of humanity.

Greek shipping, being the largest international and cross-trading fleet, has a strategic and indispensable role in global trade and economy. Representing more than 20% of the global capacity and more than 60% of the European Union-controlled fleet, Greek shipping is at the forefront of the green transition with the largest alternative fuel capable fleet in the world. We continue to invest heavily in new technologies and digitalization, drastically improving our environmental footprint. Our defining characteristics are exceptional resilience and adaptability, which have established us as the leading maritime nation. Embracing our maritime heritage, our seamanship, we try to strengthen these qualities that are key to our ability to effectively navigate the challenges of our time.

Our entire world, including our sector, is entering a new era. Shielding the people-centric nature of Greek shipping and also taking into account all company size categories and segments, will be key in our course to a sustainable future.

The smooth functioning of international trade and subsequently global economic growth are inseparably linked with shipping. Without shipping, moreover, there can be no energy transition. Therefore, the competitiveness of our industry is essential for the world.

Our aim is for entrepreneurship and well-being to coexist in harmony.

Togetherness is crucial for ensuring the industry’s long-term viability and our sustainability. Posidonia 2024 presents a great opportunity to enhance collaboration among all members of the maritime ecosystem. Let us all join forces and united cooperate constructively for a common, better future.

Union of Greek Shipowners - press release