General Claudio Graziano
Image by Fincantieri.

President of Fincantieri, General Claudio Graziano, found dead

17 June 2024

It is difficult to find the words to describe what is in our hearts today.

Claudio Graziano, our President, was a man from another era.

A person who, in many different ways, chose to dedicate his entire life to the service of our country and of a Europe that he would have liked to be increasingly united and capable of speaking with one voice.

He has done it here too, with us, in these years, working every day with rigor, vision and passion.

We will miss many things about him but above all his kindness, attention and deep respect towards each person who, with their work, on a daily basis, made and continues to make our community an example of global excellence.

He was proud to be among us and we are proud to have had him as President.

For this reason, with profound sadness, we rally around all his loved ones and the people who knew and respected him.

Good wind General. What you have taught us over these years will forever remain in the hearts and minds of each of us.

Fincantieri press release