Interim results for the period ended June 30, 2022

Hamilton, Bermuda - 11 Aug 2022

• Golar LNG Limited ("Golar" or "the Company") reports Net income of $230.0 million and Adjusted EBITDA1 of $101.0 million for Q2 2022 ("Q2" or "the quarter").

• Sold the FSRU Golar Tundra for $350.0 million and agreed to sell the steam turbine LNG carrier Golar Arctic as a converted FSRU to Italy's Snam Group ("Snam") for €269.0 million.

• Completed the sale of remaining TFDE carriers, The Cool Pool Limited, and Golar's shipping and FSRU management organization to Cool Company Ltd. ("CoolCo").

• Golar's share of Q2 Contractual Debt1 decreased from $1.7 billion at Q1 2022 to $1.0 billion at Q2 2022.

• Subsequent to the quarter end, FLNG Hilli customer elected to exercise optional capacity of 0.2 million tons per annum ("MTPA") of Dutch Title Transfer Facility ("TTF") linked production volumes from 2023 to 2026.

• Entered into swap arrangements to hedge approximately 50% of Golar's exposure to TTF linked production for 2023 at a TTF price of $49.50/MMBtu.

• Advancing MKII newbuild activities scheduled for delivery in 2025.

• Target FLNG project announcement within 2022.

FLNG operations: FLNG Hilli maintained its 4+ year unbroken record of 100% uptime during Q2. Distributable Adjusted EBITDA1 from FLNG Hilli was $92.5 million for the quarter, of which Golar's share was $62.5 million. On July 27, 2022, Hilli customers Perenco Cameroon S.A. and Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures declared 0.2MTPA of their TTF linked optional production from 2023 until the end of the current contract in July 2026. On August 9, 2022 Golar entered into swap arrangements to hedge approximately 50% of Golar's exposure to the 2023 TTF linked production, securing around $80.0 million of 2023 Distributable Adjusted EBITDA1. Based on current average 2023 TTF gas prices for the remaining unhedged portion, Golar's share of 2023 TTF linked gross proceeds from the TTF linked volume is expected to be $160.0 million. Including the Brent oil forward curve ($88/bbl), and the fixed tariff, Golar's share of Distributable Adjusted EBITDA1 from Hilli is expected to be approximately $305.0 million in 2023. Golar's share of forecast 2023 total annual debt service for Hilli's contractual debt is approximately $50.0 million (debt amortization of approximately $29.0 million and interest of approximately $21.0 million).

FLNG Gimi construction: Conversion of FLNG Gimi for its 20-year contract with BP scheduled to commence in Q4 2023 is 86% technically complete. During the quarter Golar and Keppel Capital, together the owners of FLNG Gimi, agreed to a $50.0 million incentive payment to Keppel Shipyard for initiatives to safeguard sail away within H1 2023. Golar owns 70% of FLNG Gimi, hence $35.0 million of the incentive payment will be for Golar's account. This will initially be funded from cash on hand. Once commissioned and delivered to the customer, FLNG Gimi is expected to unlock around $3.0 billion of Earnings Backlog1 to Golar, equivalent to $151 million in annual Adjusted EBITDA1. The commercial start-up of FLNG Gimi together with the commodity linked production from FLNG Hilli could result in Golar's share of annual Adjusted EBITDA1 generation from FLNG Hilli and FLNG Gimi exceeding $400.0 million within 2.5 years.

FLNG business development: Multiple new client engagements during the quarter as well as strong development of the existing FLNG growth pipeline across both integrated and tolling based projects.

Yard availability and updated pricing for both MKI and MKII designs was confirmed during the quarter, and in discussion for MKIII. Indicative pricing suggests a capex per ton of liquefaction capacity of between $500-600 million/ton. Both MKI and MKII designs can be delivered within 2025 if ordered during 2H 2022. Competitive construction and long-term lease financing term sheets for FLNG growth projects have been received.

Golar is ramping up construction engineering work and planning to order long-lead items during H2 for a MKII design FLNG, with a liquefaction capacity of up to 3.5MTPA. A suitable conversion candidate vessel has been identified and inspected.

Based on progress across the FLNG growth portfolio the Company maintains its target for FLNG announcement within 2022.

FSRU: Italian energy infrastructure company Snam and Golar signed two contracts. The first contract will see Golar convert the last of its trading steam turbine LNG carriers, Golar Arctic, into a FSRU. After its conversion, ownership of the Golar Arctic will be transferred to Snam who will pay €269.0 million for the completed FSRU. Following Snam's issuance of a Notice-to-Proceed, the conversion is expected to take up to two years. Golar will continue to trade the vessel as a carrier until it enters the yard for conversion.

The second contract saw Snam acquire the FSRU Golar Tundra for $350.0 million. After repayment of vessel debt and fees, Golar received net proceeds of $193.1 million in cash. Golar has agreed to lease the vessel back from Snam and trade it as an LNG carrier until November 2022, generating incremental earnings that will be reported in discontinued operations until Q4 2022. Golar also expects to enter into a development agreement to assist Snam with technical work on the vessel before start-up of FSRU operations.

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