Kawasaki decides to issue Green Bond - Contribution to global carbon neutrality by building a clean hydrogen supply chain

Tokyo - Jun. 06, 2022

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter "Kawasaki") has decided to issue green bond (hereinafter "the Bond") following its sustainability bond*1 issued in July 2021.

Based on the framework*2 for financing, Kawasaki plans to use the funds raised through public offering in the domestic market for projects to build a clean hydrogen supply chain, which is essential to achieving global carbon neutrality.

The company has set a sustainable finance target for 50% of its long-term debt in FY2030 and 100% in FY2050.

By making active use of sustainable finance, they will accelerate their sustainability management initiatives to realize the Group Vision 2030*3 and strengthen their engagement with stakeholders to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and a sustainable society.

Summary of the Green Bond

*1 Bonds issued to raise funds specifically for projects that contribute to environmental and social sustainability. On the other hand, green bond is for projects that contribute to solving environmental problems.

*2 Details of the Framework: https://global.kawasaki.com/en/corp/sustainability/finance/bond_framework.html
For this framework, Kawasaki has obtained a "Second Party Opinion" from a third-party organization, Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I).

*3 Group Vision 2030: https://global.kawasaki.com/en/corp/profile/gv2030.html

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. press release