Marubeni and Klaveness extend the scope of joint venture

31 March 2021

As a result of successful joint venture as pool managers, we are pleased to announce that we have agreed to expand our services to “MaruKlav 2.0” offering pool partners the option to convert freely between floating and fixed rate, at any given time, in line with forward market levels.

The structure allows owners to take control of their destiny in utilizing market peaks to lock-in fixed earnings at preset target levels.

Managing Director Michael Joergensen expresses great satisfaction with the extended scope, “It’s a clear stamp of approval from our respective organizations, and during times of consolidation and collaboration we are excited to consistently offer better structures. Through our monthly portfolio meetings with each of the pool members we calibrate target levels and enable owners to take control in optimizing their earnings.”

Deputy Managing Director Masashi Kobayasahi adds, “From Marubeni side it’s been a great journey and our two companies are consistently learning from one another”, he further shared, “unlike other market related conversion clauses this offering comes without ship owners being forced to give away optional periods, that often results in redelivery at market lows.”

From left: Masashi Kobayashi, Department Manager of the Ship Department of Marubeni Corporation, Kosuke Takechi, COO of Marubeni Corporation, Lasse Kristoffersen CEO and President of Klaveness and Michael Jørgensen, Head of Dry Bulk at Klaveness. Image by Torvald Klaveness.

Torvald Klaveness, press release