Antikeros, Dhonoussa and Strofades join Navig8 commercially managed fleet

21 Oct, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Navig8 has entered into a new commercial management agreement with CSIC Leasing Co. Ltd.

They have committed three Panamax vessels, Antikeros, Dhonoussa and Strofades, to our commercially managed fleet.

Strofades was the first vessel to join the fleet in July 2022, followed by Dhonoussa in September 2022 and finally Antikeros in October 2022.

Vessel: Antikeros
Yard: Daewoo
Delivery: October 2022
Deadweight: 69,714

Vessel: Dhonoussa
Yard: DMHI
Delivery: September 2022
Deadweight: 69,523

Vessel: Strofades
Yard: DMHI
Delivery: July 2022
Deadweight: 69,431

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