NFE Announces First LNG in Days and First Cargo in July

New York - June 14, 2024

New Fortress Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: NFE) ("NFE" or the "Company") announces First LNG in the coming days and First Cargo in July.

NFE today updated the timing of its First LNG expectation for its first Fast LNG unit located offshore Altamira, Mexico.

The Company has made tremendous progress on its path towards the start of liquefaction operations.

As of today, the work necessary to begin operations is complete and the Company has also completed the full remainder of pre-commissioning activities.

The Company now expects to produce LNG in the next 10 days, and then expects to be able to deliver its First Cargo in July.

About New Fortress Energy Inc.
New Fortress Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: NFE) is a global energy infrastructure company founded to help address energy poverty and accelerate the world's transition to reliable, affordable, and clean energy.

The Company owns and operates natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure and an integrated fleet of ships and logistics assets to rapidly deliver turnkey energy solutions to global markets.

Collectively, the Company's assets and operations reinforce global energy security, enable economic growth, enhance environmental stewardship and transform local industries and communities around the world.

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