PPA S.A.: The port of Piraeus host of this year’s International "GreenPort Cruise & Congress"

21 October 2021

The 16th edition of the International “GreenPort Cruise & Congress” takes place in Greece and it is hosted by Piraeus Port Authority S.A. and lasts from October 20-22, 2021.

More than 180 decision makers from the port community - port authorities, terminal operators, shipping lines, logistics operators attend the Conference in order to discuss about the latest news in sustainable development and environmental practice which will enable them to effectively implement the changes needed to reduce their carbon footprint and to be more sensitive to environmental considerations.

GreenPort Cruise & Congress 2021 will cover a range of themes including the EU’s new climate plan, financial and technical challenges to onshore power supply, ports getting ahead for new fuels, collaborative community projects, sustainable transport and logistics in the hinterland connections of the port.

The Deputy CEO of PPA S.A., Captain Weng Lin, stated in his opening speech: ..."Our exponential growth in recent years, which is still underway, can only be sustainable when linked with green development concepts. We are embracing Europe’s ambition to be the world’s first net zero emission area by 2050 and we are committed to minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment and implement a series of actions in order to create a port which operates as a role model in green innovation with significant environmental performance...".

Press release in Greek

Image by Piraeus Port Authority S.A.

Image by Piraeus Port Authority S.A.

Piraeus Port Authority S.A. - Press release