Performance Shipping Inc. Announces Restructuring of Related-Party Debt and Date of Special Meeting of Shareholders

Athens, Greece - October 21, 2022

Performance Shipping Inc. (NASDAQ: PSHG), ("we" or the "Company"), a global shipping company specializing in the ownership of tanker vessels, today announced that it has completed a restructuring of the debt held by Mango Shipping Corp. ("Mango Shipping"), an affiliate of Aliki Paliou, the Company’s Chairperson. In the transaction, the Company issued Series C Preferred Shares in a private placement in exchange for all outstanding Series B Preferred Shares held by Mango Shipping and the forgiveness of principal in the amount of approximately $4.9 million under its $5.0 million unsecured credit facility with Mango Shipping maturing in March 2023 and bearing interest at 9.0% per annum. The Company subsequently repaid the remaining amounts due and terminated the credit facility with Mango Shipping.

The restructuring of the debt and the private placement was approved by a special committee of the Company’s independent directors. Except with respect to the timing of the transaction, the transaction terms, including the reduction of principal under the unsecured credit facility, are the same as the terms on which Mango Shipping was expected to convert its Series B Preferred Shares into Series C Preferred Shares in February 2023, pursuant to its conversion right under the Series B Preferred Shares and the terms of the existing unsecured credit facility.

According to the terms of the existing Series B Preferred Shares, during a 30-day conversion period expected to commence in February 2023, each Series B Preferred Share is convertible into two Series C Preferred Shares upon payment of a conversion price of $7.50 per Series B Preferred Share converted. The amount of principal forgiven under the Mango Shipping credit facility was equal to the aggregate conversion price of the number of Series B Preferred Shares exchanged in the private placement by Mango Shipping for twice such number of newly-issued Series C Preferred Shares.

Certain terms of the newly-issued Series C Preferred Shares, including with respect to dividends, conversion into common shares beginning in April 2023, and voting rights on all matters submitted to a vote of our common shareholders, are set forth in the Series B Preferred Shares and previously disclosed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. See the Company’s most recent Annual Report on Form 20-F and Form 6-K filed on the date hereof for a complete description of the terms of the Series C Preferred Shares.

Subsequent to the transaction with Mango Shipping, the Company’s Board of Directors declared a record date of October 17, 2022 for a special meeting of shareholders to be held on November 7, 2022.

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