Sea Port of Saint Petersburg installs new automated weighing equipment

14 December 2021

A new automated complex based on the RTV-D rail in-motion weighbridge system has been installed at Sea Port of St. Petersburg (SP SPb). The equipment has successfully passed all technical tests and has been put into service.

The precision strain gauge system automatically determines the mass of freight laden wagons in motion and transfers the information to the local port data base. Thanks to the built-in video camera, the port workers receive weighing results in real time with reference to the wagon number, date and time. The obtained data allow to keep an operational record of the mass of freight and adjust the loading of trains when they are dispatched from the port.

There are currently four weighbridge complexes in operation at SP SPb. Three of them were designed and manufactured by ASI Corporation. The weighbridges are officially recommended by experts of RZD and have already proven their effectiveness.

The use of an optional weighing device will increase the accuracy of handling operations and the overall productivity of the port operator.

Since the beginning of the year, Sea Port of Saint Petersburg has laid within its railway infrastructure rehabilitation programme about 300 meters of new rail tracks, has built four and upgraded nine railroad switches, repaired more than 3 km of railway lines, over 460 meters of crane tracks and one crossing.

Image by Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg

About the company:
ASI Corporation is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of electronic industrial scales, material accounting and control systems, railways and transport security systems.

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