Safe Bulkers, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Twelve Months 2020 Results

Monaco - February 15, 2021

Safe Bulkers, Inc. (the “Company”) (NYSE: SB), an international provider of marine drybulk transportation services, announced today its unaudited financial results for the three and twelve months period ended December 31, 2020

Management Commentary

Dr. Loukas Barmparis, President of the Company, said: "Having a consistent strategy for fleet renewal and environmental upgrading, hands on operations and strong balance sheet, we believe we are well positioned to take advantage of a strengthening charter market."

Update on COVID-19, Company's actions and status
There has been a negative effect from the COVID-19 pandemic on the Company's results of operations and financial condition year to date, due to lower demand which resulted in relatively lower charter rates, and higher crew and related costs. Any future impact of COVID-19 on the Company’s results of operations and financial condition and any long-term impact of the pandemic on the dry bulk industry, will depend on future developments, which are highly uncertain and cannot be predicted, including any potential third wave of the pandemic and any new potential restrictions imposed as a result of the virus, new information which may emerge concerning the severity of the virus and/or actions taken to contain or treat its impact, including distribution and effectiveness of the vaccines, as well as political implications that could further impact world trade and global growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic had significant impact on the shipping industry and our seafarers as port lockdowns were imposed globally in 2020 and certain ports that have since reopened have subsequently closed again for crew changes. The Company has worked extensively to find solutions focusing on effectively managing crew changes despite the ongoing port closures and travel restrictions imposed by governments around the world. The Company has also taken measures to protect its seafarers' and shore employees' health and well-being, keep its vessels sailing with minimal disruption to their trading ability, service its charterers and mitigate and address the risks, effects and impact of COVID-19 on our operations and financial performance.

At-the-market equity offering program
In August 2020, the Company filed a prospectus supplement with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), under which it may offer and sell shares of its common stock ("Shares") from time to time for up to aggregate gross offering proceeds of $23.5 million through an "at-the-market" equity offering program (the "ATM Program"). As of February 12, 2021, the Company had not offered to sell and has not sold any Shares under the ATM Program.

Chartering our fleet
Our vessels are used to transport bulk cargoes, particularly coal, grain and iron ore, along worldwide shipping routes. We intend to employ our vessels on both period time charters and spot time charters, according to our assessment of market conditions. Our customers represent some of the world’s largest consumers of marine drybulk transportation services. The vessels we deploy on period time charters provide us with visible and relatively stable cash flow, while the vessels we deploy in the spot market allow us to maintain our flexibility in low charter market conditions and provide an opportunity for a potential upside in our revenue when charter market conditions improve.

In December 2020, the Company agreed the early termination of an existing charter of the Capesize-class vessel MV Lake Despina, which was contractually due to expire in January 2024. In exchange for the early redelivery of the vessel, the charterer paid the Company cash compensation of about $8.1 million, 50% of which was received in December 2020, and the balance in January 2021. The vessel was redelivered in February 2021 and was subsequently deployed under a new period time charter with a different charterer for a duration of 12 to 14 months at a gross daily charter rate linked to the 5 TC Baltic Exchange Capesize Index ("BCI-180 5TC'') times 119%.

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About Safe Bulkers, Inc.
The Company is an international provider of marine drybulk transportation services, transporting bulk cargoes, particularly coal, grain and iron ore, along worldwide shipping routes for some of the world’s largest users of marine drybulk transportation services. The Company’s common stock, series C preferred stock and series D preferred stock are listed on the NYSE, and trade under the symbols “SB”, “SB.PR.C”, and “SB.PR.D”, respectively.

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