Contract awards for CSVs

Skudeneshavn - November 1st, 2022

Solstad Offshore ASA is pleased to announce contract awards for three of its subsea construction vessels (CSV).

Normand Vision has been awarded a new contract with Havfram AS for a period of 3 years firm plus option for additional 2 years, the contract will commence January 2024, in direct continuation of present agreement with Havfram.

Normand Ocean has been awarded an extension and a new contract with DeepOcean AS for a total period of 2 years firm from January 2024, plus option for additional 1 year thereafter, in direct continuation of present contract with DeepOcean

Normand Pioneer has been awarded a Letter of Intent for a contract with a major energy company in South America for a period of 14 months plus option for additional 1 year, the contract will commence during November 2022.

The contracts have a combined time charter value of approximately NOK 1,6 billion

Image by Solstad Offshore ASA

Solstad Offshore ASA press release.