Uniper's Scholven C power plant temporarily returns to the market

• Deployment serves as back-up for the Scholven B block and the Buer district heating power plant at the Gelsenkirchen site

• Power plant manager Wiese: "Conversion to gas and hydrogen remains the goal"

21 October 2022

Uniper will operate the Scholven C hard-coal-fired power plant for longer than planned in the spring. The 345-megawatt hard coal-fired unit is to secure the electricity and heat supply in the Ruhr region from 31 October 2022 - at least during this winter. Scholven C essentially serves as back-up for the operation of the other two remaining power plant units at the Gelsenkirchen site, unit B (hard coal, 345 MW) and the Buer district heating plant (FKW Buer, hard coal, 70 MW).

Originally, an end to commercial coal-fired power generation at Scholven C was planned from the end of October 2022. Scholven C had successfully participated in the third auction of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for the decommissioning of coal-fired power plants in Germany. The extended deployment is possible on the basis of the German Act on the Provision of Replacement Power Plants, with which the German government intends to restrict the use of natural gas for electricity generation.

The head of the Scholven power plant, Lars Wiese: "The return of Scholven C is an important building block to secure the electricity and heat supply in the Ruhr area this winter. Nevertheless, we are holding on to the prospect of converting the Gelsenkirchen site to gas and later hydrogen. The new gas and steam power plant "GuD" Scholven should be ready for reliable continuous operation by the first quarter of next year at the latest and initiate the transformation."

At the Scholven power plant, three coal-fired units are currently still in operation: Scholven B and C as well as FWK Buer; "GuD" Scholven is under construction. "GuD" Scholven is a gas and steam turbine plant that can efficiently generate electricity, steam and district heating in a combined heat and power process with the help of two gas turbines and downstream waste heat boilers as well as a steam turbine. These facilities and an additional separate steam boiler are to replace the previous power generation from coal at the Scholven site.

Uniper supplies around 100,000 customers in the Ruhr region with heat and industrial customers around the Scholven site with process heat. This is done from a portfolio of plants. The two most important plants in this portfolio are the Datteln 4 power plant and the Scholven site (i.e. in future "GuD" Scholven). In addition, CO2 -neutral industrial waste heat from BP's refinery plants in Gelsenkirchen is to be used in future to supply Uniper customers with district heating in the northern Ruhr area. For this purpose, the construction and operation of a plant for the extraction of waste heat of up to 49 megawatts is planned.

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