-   10 days forecast

Met Office - 5 days forecast

National Observatory of Athens - 3 days forecast (Europe) - 10 days forecast

Hellenic National Meteorological Service

National Observatory of Athens

Weather Forecasts for Greece
Weather Forecasts for the Mediterranean and Greece
Weather Forecasts over Europe and Mediterranean

ArabiaWeather FZ-LLC
We provide Route weather forecast and site-specific weather forecast.

Danish Meteorological Institute - Maritime Service
Weatherrouteing and Voyage Analysis is offered for the merchant fleet worldwide. DMI – Maritime Service was founded in 1971 under the name WorldWide Weatherrouteing. Today it is the leading European company to provide weather related services to marine customers all over the world.

Meteo Consult is a weather forecasting bureau offering services to the marine industry. The company is located in 13 European countries and the US. The marine department offers weather services to the offshore industry and shipping companies.

GAC-SMHI Weather Solution
Global weather routing service, Performance Analysis, Onboard weather routing software, FleetWeb, updated with voyage presentation + planned route.